I Need A Macho

Photo of I Need A Macho
Photo of I Need A Macho

Joaquin was always at odds with his stepdad, so he was fine when the man kicked him out of the house. But that left the poor boy with no place to bed down. Thankfully, another daddy, Macho, said the young dude could stay at his place, rent free, but only if he could freely plow the guy, when he wanted, in said bed. Now what do you think this cock-loving bottom would say to this hunky-top-with-a-huge-daddy-dong’s very aggressive offer? If you said often submissive Joaquin would exclaim FUCK YES, and get right to his ass being fucked raw, you’d be so right!

Categories: Big Cock, Daddy Tops Younger
Details: Aug 9, 2023 35 min
Photo of Joaquin
Photo of Macho Mattia
Macho Mattia

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