Shower Fuck

Photo of Shower Fuck
Photo of Shower Fuck

Showers are for getting clean. But if you work them right, they are also one of the best places for the dirtiest (and hottest) sex between a daddy and his boy. But then, a daddy fucking his boy in bed is just as hot and perfect. Therefore, if you're a smart daddy top, like Ernesto, and horny bottom boy, like Joaquin, you cum-bine the two places. Start by getting dirty while in a clean shower. Next, dry off, jump in bed, and get dirty again. And if you're both really smart and really horny, you repeat this process. Until you run out of water, towels—or cum!

Categories: Bareback, Daddy Tops Younger, Over 60, Uncut
Details: Feb 19, 2024 21 min
Photo of Daddy Ernesto
Daddy Ernesto
Photo of Joaquin

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