Summer With My Stepdad

Photo of Summer With My Stepdad
Photo of Summer With My Stepdad

It's Summer, and David is ready to be done with school. But he does not just want a few months off from college. He is ready to quit altogether. That does not make William happy, the man hoping his boy can follow in his footsteps and be a successful lawyer like his Daddy. Meanwhile, just like his Daddy, the boy likes his fun. In bed. This has the beneficial effect of a tactic any good bottom boy can't refuse: being plowed over and over by Daddy's super big bareback cock! It's soon obvious the man and his massive meat have convinced the boy to postpone his plans. Or Daddy will take the next few months' vacation to plow more sense into his boy. There's no quitting that, for sure!

Categories: Big Cock, Blowjob, Over 60
Details: Jun 21, 2024 32 min
Photo of David Portland
David Portland
Photo of William King
William King

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