Daddy, I Still Want More

Photo of Daddy, I Still Want More
Photo of Daddy, I Still Want More

If it's good, there's no better sex than repeat sex. But imagine when sex is great, but you wait ten years to fuck again! This happened when Joaquin and Marvin were once upon a time on a couch to commit their first dirty but delightful deed. Flash forward a decade, and they are finally at it again on a couch. Times may have changed a lot. But what was great is still great. The only difference is the one-time pure daddy's boy bottom is now a handsome young daddy versatile bottom, and the daddy who did the plowing before is just as buff, even more of a daddy but still pure top. So, no need to turn back the clock. Today, they're better than ever!

Categories: Bareback, Daddy Tops Younger, Muscular Daddy, Over 60
Details: May 15, 2024 25 min
Photo of Joaquin
Photo of Marvin

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